AGISEN offers a range of consultancy and practical services essential to the successful development and implementation of optical and fibre optic sensing technology.

Feasibility Studies

At AGISEN we have an extensive background in the research and development of different sensing technologies specialising in those based on optical techniques. This enables us to analyse and distil out the essential components of a measurement problem. We are then able to efficiently screen and evaluate candidate sensing technologies and identify the most appropriate solution.

We provide early development feasibility studies and are happy to design test programs for the evaluation and analysis of existing technology.

Concept Development

A particular strength is our ability to generate novel and innovative solutions to new and existing measurement challenges. This is built upon both academic and industrial experience of optical and optical fibre technologies. We combine this with our enthusiasm to incorporate the latest technologies and ideas whilst maintaining our focus on delivering well engineered practical solutions to real world problems.

Typical concept development would include:

Design and Development for Manufacture

At AGISEN as we consider manufacturability to be a core consideration in the concept development of viable sensing technology, this facilitates the transition from concept through design to manufacture. Based on our real world approach to the innovation of new sensing technology we like to continue our work and take concept through to manufacture. To enable us to do this we have a broad range of capability and these may be summarised as follows:


Agisen has a significant capability is optical fibre processing and has experience with the following processes:


Agisen makes use of the following computer tools: