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AGISEN specialise in the solving of sensing and measurement problems especially in challenging environments or where no readily accessible technological solution exists. Whether it is providing innovative new solutions or simply specifying commercial-off-the-shelf systems we have been the partner of choice for universities, blue-chip and SME companies.

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Dry Air Supply (DAS) is a new compressed air drying technology aimed at small compressor users. It is the first step on the ladder when it comes to improving the dryness of your compressed air. DAS removes all liquid water from the air before it is stored in the main receiver and ensures that no further water is produced in the system pipwork and components.  It provides a load independent supply of water-free air. For more info click here.

AGISEN solves difficult sensor mounting problem. Through the use of kinematicaly designed mounts and powerful magnets a robust, easy to fix component mounting system was developed to attach small electrical devices to curved surfaces.