light detection

Optical Detection & Amplification

Silicon detector circuits, Infra red detection, Avalanche photodiode detection circuitry, Thermal radiation measurement, Multi-element detection.

bulk optic & assemblies

Bulk Optical Devices & Assemblies

Filter, polariser and beamsplitter mounts, Crimped lens mounting system, Custom components, Manufacturinhg jigs and tools.

demodulation schemes

Electronic Demodulation Schemes

Active filter design, Comparator circuitry design, Phase sensitive detection systems, Frequency modulation and demodulation schemes, Signal level shifting, Composite demodulation schemes.

fibre optic sensors

Fibre Optic Sensors

Obscuration, FBGs, Fotonic sensing, Fiberdyne, Fabry-Perot, Interferometric, Wavelength encoded, Displacement (triangulation, focus).

specialised fibre connections

Specialised Fibre Optic

Polyimide, gold and metal coated fibre stripping and preparation, Standard and large core optical fibre termination, Custom fibre protection system, Custom optical fibre ferrule manufacture. Insertion loss measurements.

distributed fibre sensing

Distributed Fibre Optic Sensing

Distributed fibre optic temperature sensing, Distributed fibre optic acoustic sensing, Optical time domain reflectometry (OTDR), OTDR low-temperature switching.

physical sensing

Physical Sensing

Pressure, Temperature (NTCs, thermocouples, IR), Flow, Humidity (semiconductor and cold mirror), Proximity, Displacement.

SMART structures

SMART Structure and Interrogation Systems

Quasi and distributed fibre sensor systems, COTS interrogation equipment, Custom interrogation systems, Fibre deployment and handling systems.

test rig fabrication

Industrial Test Rig Development & Fabrication

Light engineering, Test rig design and fabrication, Sensor integration, Data Aquisition and automation, Light industrial fabrication inluding MIG and TIG welding.

printed circuit board

Printed Circuit Board Design

Circuit and functional modelling, Schematic capture, Printed circuit board layout, Mechanical optimisation, Gerber correction, Design for manufacture, Prototype board testing, evaluation and optimisation, Surface mount capability.

materials preparation

Materials Services

Materials evaluations, Surface lapping and preparation, Microscopic measurements, Sputter coating.

mechanical prototyping

Precision Mechanical Prototyping

Complete In-house workshop, 4-axis Milling, Turned components, Sheet metal constructions,